Theresia Uhrlau

Speculative Design

One speculates about the future and about the technological development that will come. But what problems will this progress bring, what topics will occupy society in 30 years and what kind of products will there be? The speculative project "HALE - the body tracker" is based on technological improvements in the field of medical treatment.

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HALE is the first body tracker with which you can easily and effectively monitor not only your fitness but also your health: Nanobots in your blood effectively protect you from pathogens, blood clots and tumours. They can directly detect and fight a deviation in your blood, so that your chances of ever getting sick again are minimized!

A simple DNA add-on (available in the HALE Store) enables the little helpers to even repair DNA cells in such a way that your aging process can actually be suspended. With HALE, you will stay young and healthy forever.

HALE makes you independent: The nanorobots are injected into your forearm with the provided syringe. Make an appointment with your doctor for a health check (recommended).  The HALE Target Tattoo contains sensors that can track the nanorobots and your body values. For the best user experience place the HALE target on your forearm. Your AR-lenses recognize your HALE target immediately and with a simple movement of your fingers you can control the controls on the AR-screen and monitor your add-ons. Using the AR-screen, the nanorobots can be controlled at any time. Your mind gets the healthy home it deserves through HALE.

Project Partner: Anfi Sa. Speculative Design, UDK, Berlin, 2019.

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