Theresia Uhrlau

Meet Chloe – The speaking plant

With the help of technical components such as sensors and a loudspeaker, the plant was taught to speak. Now it can communicate its needs directly to humans and grumbles if it is not watered regularly.

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By integrating the sensors, it is ensured that the plant can be optimally supplied. The plant can express its needs directly to the user through a speaker and a chatbot in an app. »Chloe« is one of four characters that can be picked out for the plant. With the characters the voice and text messages change.

The target groups are children and young adults aged 10-16 years. The aim is to teach Generation Z about nature in an entertaining and interactive way. Through the product, they learn how to handle plants in a playful way and thus know how best to take care of their plants. By choosing a character for the plant, the communication is emotional, which creates a close relationship between the user and the plant. Through the product, an alienation from nature is supposed to be prevented.

Bachelor Thesis. Brand & Interaction Design, HAW Hamburg. 2018

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