Theresia Uhrlau

Fashion Fusion Challenge

As one of twelve finalist teams of the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challange, we got the chance to develop a prototype based on our product idea for the solar backpack cover.

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A proof of concept prototype was created. In three months, we developed a solar backpack cover which allows hikers to produce energy independently. The lightweight cover protects the backpack and at the same time the solar cells harvest the sun’s energy. After spending the day outside, hikers can use their self-produced energy to charge their smartphone.

In January 2017 all finalist teams presented their fashion tech pieces on stage at the Fashion Fusion Award Show. The projects varied from technological enhanced fashion, smart wearables to performance costumes. Fashion Fusion is an ideas competition sponsored by Deutsche Telekom aimed at creative minds from fashion and technology to team up, engage and challenge the fashion status quo with groundbreaking concepts. The finalist teams had the opportunity to develop prototypes of their concepts with professional equipment and with the support of experienced coaches in the Fashion Fusion Lab.

Project Partners: Julia Schröder. Telekom Fashion Fusion, Berlin, 2017

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