Theresia Uhrlau

United by design

For the first time, both exhibitons of the University of Applied Science (HAW) Hamburg were advertised as connected events of the Faculty DMI (Design, Media and Information). Therefore the aim of the project is to hold these two events visually together and represent them through one common design.

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The focus of the design is on the architecture of the two locations »Kunst- und Mediencampus Finkenau« and »Campus Armgartstraße«. Starting with the design of the poster, the identity was transferred to the media required by the respective location. In a team of five designers posters, websites, flyers, banners, stickers, info broschures and a wayfinding were created and implemented.

Project Partners: Isabel Kiefaber, Pia Schröer, Lukas Simmoneit and Timo Wrage. Supervised by Studio Villa, Hamburg, 2017

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