Theresia Uhrlau

Experience sustainability in the digital age

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in our society. The demand for energy increases while natural resources are depleted. Outdoor activities are about experiencing nature, so an outdoor brand should take care of nature and preserve it. A concept for a brand was developed with products that use the potential of nature without damaging it.

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The products create a connection between humans, nature and technology. They allow the modern human to independently produce sustainable energy. They are based on the use of solar energy. The technical characteristics are integrated in the products and extend their wearer’s skills.

We decided to use organic solar cells for our material. They have the lowest efficiency but most development potential. They are the cheapest, lightest available solar cells, suffer no losses from low-light performance and are insensitive when permanently exposed to solar radiation. They can be put on flexible material, have a barely visible structure and can be produced in any colour.

Our material is based on the principle of surface enlargement. The folding structure of the material creates more surface on which solar cells can be placed. It also makes the material elastic and allows space-savingly storage. Yuma is the sunniest city in the world and is located in Arizona, USA. The city is the name giver of the brand. The used colors have their origin in the colors of the Arizona landscape.

Two products were designed. The Solar Cover protects your backpack while hiking and produced energy for e.g. a light or power for a smartphone. The cap protects you during day from the sun and serves in the evenig as a headlight. With YUMA-products you are able to produce your own energy outdoors to be independent.

Project Partner Julia Schröder. Hamburg, 2016

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